I’m not one of those fauncy people who gets paid to Instagram their fried crickets and yoga poses from Jakarta or whatever; I just love to get out and go when I can. I’m an aspiring high school Language Arts teacher, who isn’t getting to travel much during the school year. This blog starts with my travels over Summer Break, 2017, during which time I travel to London, Salzburg, Disneyland, and do a massive road trip around the United States.

I haven’t always liked to travel. When I was a kid, travel meant one of a few things: a camping trip, a conference for my parents’ church, or missionary travel. I didn’t have control over where or when I traveled, nor what I did when I got there. But as an adult, I’ve traveled for work, school, and pleasure, and I’ve loved every second of it. Even when I had to travel by train for 2 days to get to Chicago for a conference and didn’t have a sleeper ticket. Or when I sprained my ankle in Costa Rica and had to get a pain relief shot in my butt by someone who I couldn’t communicate with. Or when my husband came down with a serious cold in the middle of summer, at Disneyland, and we spent half our time napping in a hotel room instead of riding roller coasters.

What I love about traveling now is the agency I have in doing it. If I want to make a meticulous plan and stick to it, I can! But I can also just buy a ticket, book a hotel room, and show up with nothing on the itinerary and plenty of free time. (And books. I never travel without books.) I also love that every time I travel, my brain starts firing in new connections. Travel really broadens the mind, and I love the perspective, ideas, and questions I come up with while I’m on the road.

With so many trips coming up, I wanted to create a place to reflect and share about what I was up to. I don’t expect many—or anyone!—will read it, but I’m looking forward to seeing what the globe brings me.