Travels with Luna: Flagstaff & Grand Canyon

Two posts in one day! Must be catching up.

After we left Barstow, we hopped on I-40, which runs adjacent to the ruined remains of the Mother Road, Route 66. We stopped in Needles, Calif. for lunch and more gas, and I met a man I know only as Santa George, who is a veteran of the Vietnam War and a sometime charity Santa Claus. We bonded over my tattoo. Hi, Santa George.

Luna and I drove through the Mojave Desert across the state border to Arizona. (Our hottest recorded temperature of the trip was right at the border, which was a modest 108° F.) Joshua trees gradually yielded to sagebrush, sagebrush to Ponderosa pines, and then the storms began.

Folks, I was shaking by the time this drive was over. I had over 100 miles of driving through deluge, thunder and lightning, and single-lane backed up traffic due to loads of roadwork going on. Luna and I were grateful to get into the hotel and chill out for the rest of the evening.


Today we slept in, then packed ourselves up for a day trip out to the Grand Canyon. But first, we stopped in Historic Downtown Flagstaff, so I could find the day’s Scavenger Hunt gift for Andres. He wanted something “old-West-y.” I got him a really cool vase made by a Hopi artist named Joy Navasie, aka Frogwoman. No picture because he should be the first to see it. 🙂 While I was downtown I also saw some really brilliant mural work.


I will be the first to admit that I’ve never fully understood what the big deal about the Grand Canyon is. But then I got there.


It really is one of the most incredible places I’ve ever seen. I can understand why the Pueblo people considered it to be holy. It’s awe inspiring.


Even Luna was impressed. After our short hike out to the rim, we got back to the car and gulped some water down before driving back to Flagstaff.


What a filth monster. Tomorrow, we leave for New Mexico. Peace.


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