London: Days Fourteen Through the End

I’m writing this from home and I’ll probably still post another time about London once I’m done with this, but let’s catch you all up through the end of the trip. On Day Fourteen, I finally got to hang out with friends!! I caught up with Emilia at The Old Vic Theatre. We had a bite to eat at the local, then saw John Boyega in Woyzeck.


The production was phenomenal and jarring and sad and interesting. And we had a bird’s eye view of the whole thing! Talk about vertigo.


After the play, we met up with Jo for some fantastic Italian food and loads of laughing. And since that wasn’t going to be enough, we moved on to Soho for karaoke.


Of course they look lovely and normal, but they’re cheeky monkeys so don’t let them fool you. We sang for hours and then went our separate ways. At night, I took a walk with some of my new mates from the hotel bar over to the Embarkment and watched the boats glide past the Houses of Parliament on the Thames.


One of the most peaceful evenings of my life.

On Day Fifteen, I had a date with myself for tea at the Thames Foyer at the Savoy.


I had scones with clotted cream, a steaming pot of Lapsang, and lots of little pastries and cakes.


It was admittedly a little lonely. I spent the evening packing to leave the following morning. One of my new friends wanted to take me out to celebrate my last night, but her shift ended at 2:30, and I was already asleep by the time she called to meet up. Alas, next time!


This painting hung in the hotel lobby and it reminded me of Elinor and Marianne Dashwood. I left early in the morning for the airport, and in no time I was up in the air for 10 hours on my way to San Francisco. I got a little misty-eyed when I saw the CA-1 signs on my way home, because it felt like my heart was separating into two pieces: the bit that loves the California coast, and the bit that finally felt totally at home in London, where every corner turned contains another reference to a book I’ve loved and everyone calls me “petal” or “my love.”

I celebrated my return with Mexican food and lots of snuggling with Luna and Andres.

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